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My thrift shopping isn’t about saving money

Sure, it’s nice to pay $8 for an Ann Taylor suit jacket, but that’s not the main goal for me. I thrift shop INSTEAD of regular shopping because by doing so, I reduce the amount of garbage in landfills, reduce the need for raw materials to be used in manufacturing, and support job training programs for people with disabilities and… Read more »

Reading conservative Christian women’s blogs makes me a better feminist

Earlier this year, Maria Niles wrote a post on BlogHer called Why I’m Pro-Choice. Maria is a great writer, so I read it. While discussing how we can find common ground on abortion, she said this: What I would love to see is that we focus our energy towards loving women. To me, this seemed like the perfect description of… Read more »

What did NOT cause the mortgage crisis

   November 1, 2008    Comments Off on What did NOT cause the mortgage crisis

If you’ve read any conservative blogs in the past six months, you may have run across a somewhat bizarre claim. According to some of these folks, the mortgage crisis came about because banks were forced by the government to make loans to low-income people and minorities who could not pay them back and should not have gotten loans in the… Read more »

Etiquette Question About Calling Out Other White People

Without being rude, how exactly do you tell a fellow white person to stop comparing (a) themselves or (b) Sarah Palin to Rosa Parks? I’ve seen it on two blogs that I generally like, and I am so… I hate to use the word “offended” because people mock it so much, as if being offended is just something that people… Read more »

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition – YES, That’s What I Was Feeling

Fred Clark’s post Move that schoolbus! is from… a while ago. If you’ve ever seen the show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, though, it’s worth a read, as is the article he links to. The few times I watched it, I felt vaguely ill about the massive pile of stuff that was thrown at the featured families. Especially in run-down neighborhoods,… Read more »

So close in your analysis of poverty! Except not really at all.

So I found this essay called The Myth of the Minimum Wage. It goes through an exercise in showing that a husband, wife, and two children can survive in Los Angeles on the minimum wage. I was interested to see the math for a variety of reasons. Indeed, the author does arrange a scenario in which dad works full time,… Read more »

10 Things You Should Buy At Thrift Stores This Holiday Season

Austin’s Goodwills and other thrift stores have an abundance of all of the following, and I’m sure it’s also true of most other resale markets in cities across the country. Let’s put it this way – either you can keep items out of the trash while saving money and supporting local charities, or you can reward companies for mass producing… Read more »