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What are the Geek Kid developmental milestones?

Child development and parenting books lay out a series of developmental milestones that children are supposed to achieve, with sample timetables. I don’t know if these do more harm than good, since kids are kids and not machines. They all do things a little differently, and some kids whose bodies or minds work in their own unique way have their… Read more »

Battle of the Divas

   July 29, 2013    4 Comments on Battle of the Divas

Boy Detective: I like that song, what’s his name? Me: That woman who was rapping? Boy Detective: That’s a girl? Me: Yep. Her name is Lady Sovereign. Boy Detective: Lady Sovereign? Well that’s a way COOLER name than LADY GAGA! Side note: He’s working on referring to adults as “men” and “women.” It seems to be a fuzzy concept for… Read more »

The superhero gig is a high-risk lifestyle

In honor of the release of The Wolverine tomorrow, I present this conversation between myself and Boy Detective, back when he was three: Boy Detective: Wolverine’s mad because someone (indistinct) his beer. Me: Someone drank his beer? Boy Detective: Someone TOOK his beer. Me: Well that would make him mad, that’s for sure. Boy Detective: (indistinct) Me: What? Boy Detective:… Read more »

What chores can 4-7 year old children do?

Thanks for the warning, unknown Whole Foods Shopper. My guess is that a five year old drove it. That’s one chore we’re NOT ready for… The first time my child had considered that he might be responsible for regular household chores was undoubtedly this conversation, from last fall: Boy Detective: Why are there no towels? Me: Because you didn’t do… Read more »

He knows his limits

   June 29, 2013    Comments Off on He knows his limits

Boy Detective: I never give up! Unless there are real live chainsaws. Me: That’s fair.