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My sister isn’t as much of an internetizen as some people

Sister: I think I will have to file for divorce. D has now twice (perhaps thrice!) put “lol” in his messages to me. It hurt me even to type those letters. Maybe I could start with an intervention rather than moving straight to divorce. I’ll have to consider. Me: lol never hurt anyone Sister: Don’t tell me you use it,… Read more »

I have to make my own fun

   November 30, 2010    Comments Off on I have to make my own fun

C-Man: You’re wearing your hair up. I hadn’t seen you wear it up since you got it cut, I don’t think. Me: I’m wearing it up every time I come home from the gym. I wore it up the other day when I was working and I hadn’t taken a shower that morning. I’ve worn it up several other times…. Read more »

If I took this lady to my doctor’s appointments, we might make more progress

Better Than Bullets: And what about your own mystery illness? Any more clarity? Me: no ulcer. bloodwork was okay. i was supposed to go back last week to Discuss What This Means but was sick, ha. BTB: Damn it. Medical mysteries suck! Princess: i feel like i have 2 or 3 pencil erasers stuck halfway down my throat. but i… Read more »

I love interrupting my husband at his job with urgent phone calls

   September 21, 2010    Comments Off on I love interrupting my husband at his job with urgent phone calls

C-Man: Hello? Me: So if I die before you get home from work… C-Man: Yes? Me: I just wanted to let you know it’s because I was trying to install Microsoft’s .NET framework. C-Man: It’s not worth it! Me: I just needed someone to know, it’s important that the death certificate is filled out correctly.

Sometimes I don’t understand what goes on in that boy’s mind

Me: I’ve been meaning to ask you about something, since you know a lot more about exercise and how bodies work than I do. You know how I’ve been going to the gym and using the elliptical? I’ve realized that I like it because it’s simple. It may not be the super best ever kind of cardio in the history… Read more »