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   November 24, 2011    Comments Off on J’accuse!

Boy Detective: Mommy, can you check and make sure there’s coconut pie left in the box? Me: There is. If that’s the pie you want tomorrow, that’s fine, you can have some. Boy Detective: You’re lying.

Workplace productivity can be elusive

   July 23, 2011    Comments Off on Workplace productivity can be elusive

a series of emails which are probably funnier to me than they are to anyone else… C-Man: YES! (link to photo of character in new movie) Me: So what? C-Man: The costume actually looks good! Me: I don’t even know what the original looked like. C-Man: (link) Me: Don’t you have a job? C-Man: MY BOSS IS LOOKING AT IT… Read more »

My sister has a lot going on

   July 8, 2011    Comments Off on My sister has a lot going on

Sister: So I finally found the thank you cards my children wrote you! And D. was really helpful and mailed them… except he didn’t notice I hadn’t filled in the house number yet. Now, they’re back at my house. Me: This email is better than getting the thank you cards, actually. Sister: I’m glad I provided some comic relief. I… Read more »

Give Up, Sir

   March 24, 2011    1 Comment on Give Up, Sir

Me: I think you just need to break down and buy a new belt. C-Man: It’s just so annoying. I know it’s here somewhere! Me: I still think that buying a new belt is going to be more effective at holding up your pants than complaining for another six months about how you wish you could find your belt.