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I see an electronic future

   April 6, 2013    Comments Off on I see an electronic future

Boy Detective: You’ve had [the soundtrack to] Tron [Legacy] in there a long time. C-Man: Are you getting tired of it? Boy Detective: No, I was just complimenting you. Like “way to go, good job!”

Some of us actually had to study

   April 1, 2013    Comments Off on Some of us actually had to study

C-Man: What would you say my learning style is? Me: Well, you can memorize tons of information just by reading it once, so I would say your learning style is… f—ing annoying.

For some questions, there is no good answer

   January 18, 2012    Comments Off on For some questions, there is no good answer

Me: I got Boy Detective a PB&J smoothie, and I got a… something? Like blueberry coconut soy something? C-Man: And how was that? Me: Ugh. I feel much healthier, but I wouldn’t get it again. C-Man: That’s too bad, it sounds like it would have been good, you know, coconut, blueberries. Except you don’t like blueberries. Me: You’re right, I… Read more »

Our romance is built on conversations just like this

Me: I just cannot wait to see the new G.I. Joe movie. C-Man: That’s because it’s going to be made of awesome. Who wouldn’t want to see this movie? Me: Maybe if your parents were killed by ninjas. But then you would have become a ninja yourself, because that’s the only way to avenge them. C-Man: But if your parents… Read more »

Heartwarming Educational Moments Around the Family Dinner Table

C-Man: What about a hexagon? Boy Detective: A hexagon?! What is a hexagon?! C-Man: It has six sides. Like a square has four sides, a hexagon has six sides. Boy Detective: But where are all the sides? C-Man: I’ll draw one for you. See? That’s a hexagon. Boy Detective: HAI-YAH! I just chopped a zombie. It was trying to eat… Read more »