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NaBloPoMo Begins Tomorrow

   October 31, 2007    2 Comments on NaBloPoMo Begins Tomorrow

What does the mother of a seven week old baby need? More to do! So I am committing to NaBloPoMo. For the uninformed (read: those with lives), that stands for National Blog Posting Month. Participants in NaBloPoMo commit to posting every day for the month of November, no cheating. Unfortunately for me, I think no cheating means no writing multiple… Read more »

Blogging About Blogging (because there’s not enough of that)

Two of my favorite bloggers recently blogged about blogging, and now I’m going to blog about what they blogged about blogging, and also about my blog. Now that we have cleared the room… Red Stapler: Getting all meta on you and Oh My Stinkin Heck: Kitten angst and comment query both ask readers to talk about their experience with blogs… Read more »

Do You Need A Blog?

   June 25, 2007    Comments Off on Do You Need A Blog?

They have one for lease… I just know that the letters on this building sign say B L D G, but my brain can’t stop seeing B L O G.

In Case You Missed It

   June 22, 2007    Comments Off on In Case You Missed It

I am once again speaking about accessibility at BlogHer! Last year was practically a sneak attack on a room full of people who wanted to learn about making their blogs shiny. This year the BlogHeristas have switched things around and I’ll be talking to a techie crowd. That will be a change, since my usual accessibility talk is “Don’t worry,… Read more »

Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke: Grownups

   April 2, 2007    Comments Off on Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke: Grownups

Kathy Sierra and Chris Locke (one of the people Ms. Sierra named in her post as a contributor to the sites where she ended up receiving death threats) have released a joint statement after talking through the incident. It’s clear they still have some points of disagreement, but they have discussed the situation like adults and come to a resolution…. Read more »

Kathy Sierra and Commenting Policies

   March 30, 2007    Comments Off on Kathy Sierra and Commenting Policies

For those who missed the bad drama in the blogosphere in the last week, there’s a good short summary on apophenia. The essentials are as follows: The brief story is that three prominent bloggers got annoyed at another female blogger for not permitting mean-spirited comments in her blog. They created a site called as well as a spin-off. These… Read more »

Only Consumers, Not Creators?

A recent post on Movable Tweak listed a few things the author would like to see changed in Movable Type. All well and good, until I read the following comment by Su: Ajax: Meh. It’s possible to avoid buzzwords while still buying into the hype, you know. AJAX has serious usability(and accessibility) issues that haven’t even all been discovered yet…. Read more »

I Just LOVE These

   April 9, 2006    Comments Off on I Just LOVE These

This is me procrastinating going to bed because I’ve been godawful cranky all day and now I’m afraid I won’t sleep well and will be even crankier tomorrow. Which I will if I stay up much later, but C-Man is playing with the XBox and not fulfilling his responsibility to manage my behavior. Here are my three favorite search phrases… Read more »

How They Arrived

   December 30, 2005    1 Comment on How They Arrived

The only thing I can conclude from reviewing my search logs from all this time is that search engines are really, really bad. vin diesel is a gay scientologist manucurists programs in chicago chocolate apple pie recipe [Granted, I often blog about things I hate.] michelangelo’s david refrigerator magnets [Mine came from Italy, try there.] dogs can’t talk hanna barbera… Read more »