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Oh They Just Keep Showing Up

   May 21, 2009    Comments Off on Oh They Just Keep Showing Up

Sometimes I like looking at how people got to this lovely blog using their trusty search engines… really really short skirt (Yes, you get totally different results by adding that second “really.”) someone who thinks they’re better than women (can’t you just walk down the street and find some? I’m pretty sure they’re everywhere.) sinking feeling never find someone (I… Read more »

Allright, People, Let’s Do This NaBloPoMo Thang

I am quite disappointed to see that, the social network site that hosts National Blog Posting Month, hasn’t managed to fix their CAPTCHA problem that discriminates against the blind and other people with disabilities who can’t read those squiggly little letters. So I’m not going to create an official NaBloPoMo account on Whatever features I would enjoy over… Read more »

People, Cliques, and Blogging

I met Shannon at BlogHer last year. She’s neat. She wrote a post a couple of days ago called Nasty Tweets, Blog Cliques, and Q-list bloggers like me. Apparently, somebody said something about somebody copying someone and there was a thing. I’m kind of over interpersonal drama right now, so whatever. But then Shannon made some statements about blogs and… Read more »

Two More Wack Things People Say About Blogs

   June 20, 2008    Comments Off on Two More Wack Things People Say About Blogs

As a follow-up to my post yesterday, these two things don’t stem from a misunderstanding of what blogs are, but they are deeply confused. (Disclosure: I currently work for a blog advertising network.) Ads on blogs are good, because writers should get compensated for their work. A guy came to my door the other day trying to pay me to… Read more »

Why Does Everyone Say Such Wack Stuff About Blogs?

   June 19, 2008    Comments Off on Why Does Everyone Say Such Wack Stuff About Blogs?

This is mostly an exercise in getting some thoughts out of my system so I can move on. If you’re not interested in blogs, you may want to move along. For those of us who are still here, let’s do an exercise. Look at the following websites: io9 Red Stapler African American Dad The Hathor Legacy The Hardware Aisle Bevo… Read more »

Great Achievements in Defensiveness

   June 13, 2008    Comments Off on Great Achievements in Defensiveness

Writing for Crafting A Green World, I now have access to our group mailbox that receives lots and lots and lots of bad pitches. Lots. I have yet to see a pitch and followup as bad as this one.

Oh The Irony (Maybe)

   April 1, 2008    1 Comment on Oh The Irony (Maybe)

Though I am somewhat like Alanis Morissette in that my understanding of what makes something ironic can be faulty, I do find it amusing that I just tried to comment on an LJ written by a person who is blind, and I got hit with a visual CAPTCHA, and I failed it.