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Note to Self: Don’t get any more of this stuff

Arborio rice How long has it been since I made risotto from scratch? Thanksgiving of… some year? Back when I had a young baby and two part-time jobs and still tried to cook? I have much lower standards these days. And the not-quite-enough-for-anything arborio rice is still in the cabinet, because the solution to having not quite enough arborio rice… Read more »

So, Here’s How It Is

   July 26, 2012    Comments Off on So, Here’s How It Is

My life? Not working. 2012 has been this: preschool drama, repeated illness of all family members, dog dying, attempted break-in with brick through door, ambulance to ER during business trip, summer busy season at work, loss of almost all social contact with non-work friends, massive sleep disruptions, complete inability to keep wheels on any part of household maintenance, financial management,… Read more »