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Seven Years

   November 5, 2013    No Comments on Seven Years

This, my friends, is a picture of love: You are probably saying “No, Skye, that is a picture of the inside of a freezer.” You’re right! But so am I. For the first five years of my marriage to C-Man, I posted a wedding photo each year on our anniversary. (On the sixth anniversary, I was on a blogging hiatus.)… Read more »

At Least He’s Honest

   June 1, 2013    No Comments on At Least He’s Honest

photo by Flickr user mohdrais, under a Creative Commons license Me, searching through the smartphone box: Hey, you watched me put that little pin thing back in its bag, right, the one that pops out the sim card? C-Man: Um… no. Me: What? C-Man: I started to, and then I got bored.