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But our Dark Souls 2 time together is special!

Me: Next Friday night, I’m standing you up. A bunch of Austin blogger ladies are getting together to hang out. C-Man: Whatever. Me: I know you have a hard time entertaining yourself when I’m not around. C-Man: I guess I’ll just have to kill that giant spider without you. Me: You JERK! C-Man: Bwahahahahahaha! Me: NO, that is so wrong!… Read more »

When your three year old is a gamer

   June 18, 2011    Comments Off on When your three year old is a gamer

Part One Boy Detective: Was that one of your special attacks? Me: No, that was a hug. Part Two Boy Detective: Mom, what are these things called that move around like joysticks? Me: Those are called your kneecaps, dear.