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X-Men Origins: Wolverine – Possibly the most joyless superhero movie ever

Men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men, men. If you need men, X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie has men. Men over here, men over there, some more men hanging out over n the corner as backups just in case they run out of men. Which they won’t, because of all the men everywhere. If you need women, though, you’re kind… Read more »

Wanted: The Poster

   May 5, 2008    4 Comments on Wanted: The Poster

Let’s keep in mind that the character Angelina Jolie plays in Wanted was a woman of color in the comic book. Via Cinematical: Who would you have rather seen in this poster? This post was originally published on Heroine Content, a feminist and anti-racist movie blog that ran from July 2006 to May 2012.

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Oh, disappointment

I did not re-watch The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen in the most receptive frame of mind. I saw it in theaters when it came out, and I thought it was terrible. Really bad. A jumbled, confusing mess. A bunch of heroes get together in an alternate Victorian Age to save the world. Then the city of Vienna spends half an… Read more »

I Have Been Done Wrong: Comics Edition

   July 29, 2003    Comments Off on I Have Been Done Wrong: Comics Edition

Dear Alan Moore: I read League. Well, I tried. Maybe Watchmen was the apex of your career – it was amazing, and revolutionary, and I loved it. This… not. Dear Guy at Dragon’s Lair: When I told you my heart was breaking because The Invisibles was over, you recommended Transmetropolitan instead of Planetary. What the hell were you thinking?