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16 Good Superhero Comics for Older Kids and Young Adults

Welcome to our list of recommended superhero comics for older kids, teens, and young adults! Some of the books below are your traditional mainstream superhero comics, some are break-the-mold independent work. All of them have fairly young protagonists who we think would be especially engaging to older kids and young adults. But actually, C-Man and I bought almost all of… Read more »

Will O’ The Wisp: Strong female character in a spooky comic? Yes please!

An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will O’ the Wisp is a comic with a strong female protagonist that I almost didn’t read. That would have been a mistake! (Just a heads up that my book posts use affiliate links, but check your local library too!) Here’s what happened. When I saw the book in Previews (the comics’ industry’s catalog), I thought… Read more »

23 Good Comics for Kids

   December 15, 2013    6 Comments on 23 Good Comics for Kids

Many people think the word “comics” means “stories about superheroes.” It’s understandable! But there are many other kinds of comics too, and we love to recommend the really good ones that our whole family has enjoyed. How old should a kid be to read these books? I’d say you know the kid(s) in your life better than we do, but… Read more »

The superhero gig is a high-risk lifestyle

In honor of the release of The Wolverine tomorrow, I present this conversation between myself and Boy Detective, back when he was three: Boy Detective: Wolverine’s mad because someone (indistinct) his beer. Me: Someone drank his beer? Boy Detective: Someone TOOK his beer. Me: Well that would make him mad, that’s for sure. Boy Detective: (indistinct) Me: What? Boy Detective:… Read more »

3 Awesome Zombie Comics (with ass-kicking female characters!)

Who doesn’t love a good zombie story? Aside from people who are scared of zombies, I mean. If you’re one of those people, please stop reading this post! Everyone else, read these books! They’re awesome. They’re all graphic novels, a.k.a. comics bound in larger book format – though some graphic novels were not originally published in comic book or web… Read more »

What X-Men: The Last Stand can learn from Mega Man

This is Famke Janssen as Jean Gray, from X-Men: The Last Stand. Once resurrected in the film, she’s supposed to be the Dark Phoenix, but the Dark Phoenix in the X-Men comics ate a planet and then rampaged around trying to kill everyone on Earth. The movie Jean/Phoenix mostly stands around and looks vacant and/or depressed. This is Roll, from… Read more »

Chewbacca speaks English as well as my 5 year old reads it

Boy Detective: I don’t like this book. Me: What? Why? What’s wrong with it? Boy Detective: I’m just not interested in it. Me: You haven’t even had a chance to find out the story. Boy Detective: But I was looking at it, and Chewbacca, they have him TALKING WITH REGULAR WORDS. Me: What? Give me that…. Oh. Okay, kiddo, on… Read more »