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Recommended Comics For Kids, From Littles to Teens

So many kids love reading comics, but it can be hard to find high-quality, original, diverse, age-appropriate graphic novels and comics for kids. It’s taken me several years to build up my big list of recommended comics for kids (which also has a comics for kids Pinterest board version) but I’m committed to promoting as many good books as I… Read more »

14 Great Graphic Novels Starring Girls and Young Women

There are so many great comics and graphic novels starring girls! I wish there were more diversity of various kinds, but I’m hopeful that we’re moving that direction. I’ll definitely bring you news as I find more diverse books to recommend. In the meantime, please enjoy my newest finds for outstanding graphic novels and comics for older kids, teens, and… Read more »

17 More Good Comics For Kids

   November 30, 2015    6 Comments on 17 More Good Comics For Kids

— This post was double-checked and freshened up in September of 2018. Happy reading! — I’ve recommended good comics for kids before, and even good superhero comics for kids, but I just keep finding more good ones! So here’s another collection of the best we’ve found, all appropriate for early elementary school and up (our opinion! your mileage may vary.)… Read more »

14 More Young Adult Graphic Novels and Comics We Love

Need a graphic novel for a young adult or older kid? You’re in luck, because these days they’re exploding out of the publishing industry so fast that I can’t keep up. Here’s another roundup of favorites I’ve discovered since my last post of comics recommendations for this age group. Compared to little kid comics, these books have more complex stories… Read more »

16 Good Superhero Comics for Older Kids and Young Adults

Welcome to our list of recommended superhero comics for older kids, teens, and young adults! Some of the books below are your traditional mainstream superhero comics, some are break-the-mold independent work. All of them have fairly young protagonists who we think would be especially engaging to older kids and young adults. But actually, C-Man and I bought almost all of… Read more »

Will O’ The Wisp: Strong female character in a spooky comic? Yes please!

An Aurora Grimeon Story: Will O’ the Wisp is a comic with a strong female protagonist that I almost didn’t read. That would have been a mistake! (Just a heads up that my book posts use affiliate links, but check your local library too!) Here’s what happened. When I saw the book in Previews (the comics’ industry’s catalog), I thought… Read more »

21 Good Comics for Kids

   December 15, 2013    6 Comments on 21 Good Comics for Kids

— This post was double-checked and freshened up in September 2018. Happy reading! — Many people think the word “comics” means “stories about superheroes.” It’s understandable! But there are many other kinds of comics too, and we love to recommend the good ones that our whole family has enjoyed. So here’s a set we all adored, for kids a bit… Read more »