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9 YA Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books For Your TBR

   July 7, 2019    Comments Off on 9 YA Fantasy & Sci-Fi Books For Your TBR

Like YA? Like fantasy and/or science fiction? This is a list for you. These books totally swept me away while reading. I may also have stayed up late to finish a chapter. Or two. Or, um, the book. (What, you’ve never done that?) Hope you find something new and wonderful to read here! The way my life is organized these… Read more »

8 Fantastic Novels by Queer Authors

   June 3, 2019    Comments Off on 8 Fantastic Novels by Queer Authors

I’m trying to do a better job lately reading non-genre fiction, especially by diverse voices. Here’s a roundup of some of the queer-authored fiction about queer people that I’ve been super-impressed by in the last few years. The way my life is organized these days, it’s tough for me to write longer reviews now. So for some of these books,… Read more »

12 Fantasy Picks for Your TBR

   April 28, 2019    Comments Off on 12 Fantasy Picks for Your TBR

In the last few years, I’ve lucked into a good number of fascinating fantasy stories that helped remind me why I love the genre. Here are some of my faves, each diverse in some way, all magically wonderful. I hope you find something new here to read and fall in love with. Before we jump in: Amazon links are affiliate… Read more »

12 Wonderful Contemporary YA Novels

   March 26, 2019    Comments Off on 12 Wonderful Contemporary YA Novels

Teens and young adults sometimes get a bad rap in popular culture. When I was one myself, I was terrible, but having worked with teenagers professionally since then, I know that they’re great. They may lack life experience, but often they more than make up for it in enthusiasm and curiosity. So here are some of my fave contemporary YA… Read more »

Shadowshaper by Daniel José Older: you’ll forget it’s fiction

I read Shadowshaper in one sitting, despite being on a crowded, noisy airplane with a seven year old chattering in my ear. Once I started reading this book, I could not stop. No matter how many interruptions, how many times I had to look away, I went right back to it. The world of Shadowshaper is so engrossing, it felt… Read more »

Sins of the Father: Superpowered YA Done Right

Multicultural and diverse literature has been such an amazing thing for our family. We’ve had to search for it, but we have found so many wonderful writers and artists from diverse backgrounds, telling stories that star all kinds of characters. Our lives are richer because of these folks’ hard work and talent. So when Diverse Book Tours was looking for… Read more »