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I'm Skye. I'm a sci-fi movie and comics junkie, a vegetarian, a quilter, a blogger, and now a work-at-home mom. I always dress fancy and carry flowers just like in this picture:

I live with my excellent husband C-Man and our feisty five year old son Boy Detective:

We hang out in Austin, Texas. It's the perfect place for us because (a) we're big geeks, and this town is full of them and (b) we hate being cold.

Planet Jinxatron launched in 2013 when I resumed blogging after a hiatus. My previous personal blog, Flooded Lizard Kingdom, ran for more than ten years, from before April 2002 through July of 2012. The movie blog I co-founded, Heroine Content, ran from July 2006 through May 2012. I have moved most of my 1200+ posts from those two blogs here. I read them all first. It took a while.

Thanks so much to comic artist and writer Chris Giarrusso for his kind permission to use the name Planet Jinxatron for the title of this blog. For more on that, see Why Planet Jinxatron? Then buy one of his books!

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Thanks to Chris Giarrusso for the title "Planet Jinxatron." Buy his books!

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