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Past Posts

That first Monday of summer vacation can be confusing

C-Man: So how was your day, little guy?

Boy Detective: At school, or at jiu jitsu?

(parents exchange looks)

Me: Well I'd really like to hear about your day at school.

Boy Detective: It was good.

Me: The other kids behaved themselves, the teachers were nice?

Boy Detective: Yeah. (pause) (confused expression) HEY, YOU TRICKED ME!


Summer days can be confusing. Since graduating, this is the first summer in years where I'm not doing homework or having cheerleading practice. Whew. What to do with myself? Lol Relax? I'm trying!

There's always a *small* learning curve to get into the swing of vacay!

LOL!!! That is too cute. There is definitely an adjustment period those 1st few days.

That is adorable!!

Skye said at June 27, 2014 7:07 AM:

Being quizzed about your school day is apparently habit-forming!

How funny! He has the most glorious color of hair.

Skye said at July 7, 2014 12:25 PM:

Pary Moppins, thanks, we enjoy his hair! Can't really blame him for not wanting to cut it, though wow it's a lot of work...

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