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Past Posts

And he just sounded so reasonable...

Boy Detective: I have three moss toads in my room.

Me: Why do you have toads in your room?

Boy Detective: So I can do things with them.

Me: Like what?

Boy Detective: Anything really. Well, anything that requires a toad.

Me: That's why I'm asking, because I can't think of what you would DO with a toad. Be specific.

Boy Detective: Like, throw one in a hole! To make toad in a hole! Why are you shaking your head? You like toad in a hole, don't you?

I can't believe this picture is almost a year old... When he was bitty, a year-old picture would practically look like some other kid!


Kids say the darnedest things! Gorgeous hair BTW!!!

"Anything really. Well, anything that requires a toad."


I'm only surprised I haven't heard this same line at my house yet.


Shannon said at June 23, 2014 12:48 PM:

You like toad in a hole, don't you? hahaa

You've got a Nate the Great on your hands. LOL How cute.

Oh kids....they can say such the cutest things!

Alease said at June 25, 2014 9:39 AM:

That is super cute. The mind of a child is awesome.

So.... what exactly is toad in a hole? lol

Kids say the funniest things! If that was at my house I would have to know where those three toads were at all times. :)

OMG that is too cute! He is definitely a little detective. I wonder what other things 3 toads are needed for? HAHA =)

Skye said at June 27, 2014 7:00 AM:

Addie, I am a little worried about what other toad-related activities could be going on.

Alli, I think you're right, there needs to be some tracking system here.

LifeAsAConvert, I had to google it. It's some kind of sausage thing? Which I have no idea how he heard about because we're vegetarians!

Angela, don't let your kids read my blog!

Penelope thanks! We do enjoy his hair. He may cut it off eventually because it's hard to manage with jiu jitsu but we'll see!

Awesome. Love the toad in a hole!

Hahaha! Oh man, kids are hilarious. "Anything that requires a toad"--because this is clearly a common occurrence. :)
I had never heard of toad in a hole, so I had to Google it, too. Apparently it's some kind of British dish. Isn't it funny what kids will pick up on?

Hahah he is too funny!

Skye said at June 27, 2014 9:29 AM:

Okay now I'm even more confused, because not only are we vegetarian, we're not British! And yeah, like there are all these DIYs or sports or whatever activities out there that require toads?

That convo REALLY is making me miss my babies! They are all grown. Thanks for sharing.

Totally makes sense. You do, in fact, need toads to do stuff that requires toads.

Skye said at August 11, 2014 9:20 PM:

Pary Moppins, you're right, toads ARE a pre-condition to any toad-related activities. I just was curious about specifics!

Ronda I know someday I'll be missing this one too, but at least I'll be able to look back on the jokes about toads...

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