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I'm Going to BlogHer Food '14 in Miami!

Why I Pick the Music We Listen to in the Car, Exhibit D

And it did come to pass that because of events at a certain elementary school, the inhabitants of Castle K did watch the video for "What Does the Fox Say?" approximately 5.2 million internet years after everyone else on the internet had already seen it and gotten bored with it...

C-Man: We need that!

Me: You want me to buy "What Does The Fox Say?" on ITunes?

C-Man: No.

Me: You want the video?

C-Man: No. I want the album.

Me: Really?

C-Man: They deserve $9 of my money for that.

Me: Oh...

C-Man: The part with all the possible sounds is the best part. (pause) That's the part where you turned off the video the first time you tried to watch it, isn't it?

Me: Oh yes.


OK, we've officially reached the point where I have to fold, because I do not know this Fox thing you are speaking of. However, just based on your reaction, I suspect that I would not like it, Sam I am.

Too funny!
Quotable: They deserve $9 of my money for that. AND oh yes
I have to admit, I've never watched it.

Skye said at January 13, 2014 1:50 PM:

Angela and Shannon, I am shocked that you both have managed to avoid watching this gem. I think Jenny would have forced me to watch it long ago if she knew I'd gotten away without it.

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