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I'm Going to BlogHer Food '14 in Miami!

Why I Pick the Music We Listen to in the Car, Exhibit C

We've discussed before that C-Man's taste in music is quite different. Turns out I'm not the only one who's noticed...

Boy Detective: Ummmm, is it just going to keep making the same sounds over and over?

C-Man: That is the kind of music I like.

Boy Detective: Hrmph.

C-Man: You would prefer the Metal Gear Rising soundtrack?

Boy Detective: What?! No! Tron!

Me: Why don't we be kind to Daddy and let him listen to his music on the way to his office, then you and I can change it once we drop him off?

Boy Detective: GRRRRRMMPHHH. I'm trying to use my shoulders for earplugs!


I want the pic of him using his shoulders as earplugs!

Bahahahahahah! Gotta love it:)

OH my gosh! Kids really do say the silliest things :)

Kids will tell you like it is! No holding back, but that is what makes them so funny! Good story!

I'm using my shoulders as earplugs. Classic!
Yes, this did make me smile. I wonder how many generations have had the "I hate your music!" discussion? hmm...

This conservation is hilarious. I'm over here laughin' all loud to myself.

Skye said at January 13, 2014 1:58 PM:

Patti, I'm so sorry, I did not get a picture!

It was just so funny that I was trying to be nice, and yet the kid ruined it with his, you know, honest reaction. We may be working on "tact" in 2014 with him...!

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