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I'm Going to BlogHer Food '14 in Miami!

The Last Minute Pie Crisis of 2012 Is Not Being Repeated

The scene in 2012, the night before Thanksgiving:

Me: You know what would have been good? If we had thought for you to get pie when you just went to the store yesterday.

C-Man: That is true.

Me: And I think I want pie. I'm sorry I'm only saying this now, but I thought it would be better to say it at 6pm today than at 11am tomorrow morning.

C-Man: Sweetie, are you trying to apologize for wanting pie?

Me: Yes, I think I am apologizing for wanting pie.

C-Man: I'm sorry, I don't accept that.

What's been in our fridge since yesterday at 1:30pm:

vegan coconut cream pie

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Hahaha.....I wouldn't be able to live without my pie on Thanksgiving...I totally get ya:)

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