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Doomsday: The Trailer

This post was originally published on Heroine Content, a feminist and anti-racist movie blog that ran from July 2006 to May 2012.

Kevin Kelly at io9 says "It looks like 28 Days Later meets 28 Weeks Later plus a serving of Mad Max on the side with a couple of dashes from the I Am Legend shaker. In other words, it starts out with a ton of promise and promptly devolves into something that leaves you feeling like you might throw up." But of course I'm going to see it anyway. I just hope it isn't one of those movies where all the best parts are in the trailer.

Since Rhona Mitra's backside gets such a prominent shot in the trailer itself, I'm a little afraid.

1 Comment

Be not afraid! :p

But I do like the trailer. I don't think it's so bad, since it seems she's wearing that outfit, but the main point of the shot is to see what she is twisting on her wrist; I'd say she had something up her sleeve, but that's too on the nose...and she doesn't have sleeves! :p

But what you said reminded me of something I have been debating back and fourth in my mind. If they did do a gratuitous but shot (like say in Transformers, where it seemed the girlfriend-to-be elongates herself not really to check the engine, but to give Shia a good eye-look (as well as the audience)), is that ok, considering the audience? Or is that compromising too much?

I say that because, while I haven't gotten through everything you posted recently, I did read the Quick & The Dead review. It looks like an awesome film! It has great acting (I think it was SHaron Stone who actually discovered Crow, in some australian film/play I think, and wanted him for the film), good plot, headliners even, and it didn't do any of the gratuitous sexy shots. And I checked on, and it didn't even make it's production money back. What happened?

While I have a couple of friends who will see these films, many female friends I know won't even go. Then if guys won't go because it doesn't have enough t&a, then the films just don't get made. So does it then become terrible that we get near naked shots, enhanced boobage, and impractical clothing for Tombraider, say (though I know, this is from the game), and in return we actually get to see a capable, in charge female action hero? Or is it too much to give up?

I was just wondering what you guys thought, since you've seen more films (aggregious and great) than I have.

thanks as always!

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