10+ Romance Novels About Dark Places and Tough Topics

Romance is an amazing genre. You can find everything from the fluffiest, cutest, most adorable stories with zero angst to the opposite. The books here are some of my favorite that deal with dark places, tough topics, and bad situations – all with an HEA (happily ever after) or HFN (happy for now). Not all of them are drenched in… Read more »

10 More Sci-Fi Graphic Novels (Because I Can’t Stop Recommending Them)

I love comics. I love science fiction. If you’ve been to my blog even once before, you already know this. So without further ado, here’s the latest list of scifi comics I wholeheartedly recommend. I hope you find something new and great to read here. Before we jump in: All comics here can be bought as graphic novels/collections, not only… Read more »

10 Foodie Romances That Even Non-Cooks (Like Me) Can Fall For

Do I like to cook? No. Do I like to read a good romance with foodie characters? Apparently so! Here’s a roundup of my faves so far. These folks could cook for me anytime. If you have any F/F books to recommend, let me know! This is the first romance post I’ve published without any F/F and I’m so sad!… Read more »

6 Webcomics That Combine Magic and Technology

I’ve recommended science fiction webcomics. I’ve recommended fantasy and supernatural webcomics. (Missed those posts? Here they are.) Now I’m recommending webcomics that combine them! Magic + tech = webcomics that I adore. Hope you find something new to read from this list. Before we jump in, though, here’s a helpful webcomics reading tip: many creators sell PDFs or hard copies… Read more »

10+ Romance Novels With Cranky Characters Who Need Love Too

I adore a good cranky character in a romance novel, especially if they stay on the cranky side even after falling in love. These books have some of my favorite misanthropes, anti-social pessimists, and suspicious cynics who would NEVER have let this annoying person into their lives if they knew what would happen. Hope you find something that looks good… Read more »

15 More Romance Novels Where Artists, Actors, and Other Creative Folks Find Love

I’d recommended some romance novels about artists and other creatives back in July, but you know what? I found a bunch more of them lurking in some old posts that weren’t very well organized (bad Virgo, Skye!). So I did a little shuffling, added a couple new titles, and here we are with a second roundup of love stories featuring… Read more »