6 Webcomics That Combine Magic and Technology

I’ve recommended science fiction webcomics. I’ve recommended fantasy and supernatural webcomics. (Missed those posts? Here they are.) Now I’m recommending webcomics that combine them! Magic + tech = webcomics that I adore. Hope you find something new to read from this list. Before we jump in, though, here’s a helpful webcomics reading tip: many creators sell PDFs or hard copies… Read more »

10+ Romance Novels With Cranky Characters Who Need Love Too

I adore a good cranky character in a romance novel, especially if they stay on the cranky side even after falling in love. These books have some of my favorite misanthropes, anti-social pessimists, and suspicious cynics who would NEVER have let this annoying person into their lives if they knew what would happen. Hope you find something that looks good… Read more »

15 More Romance Novels Where Artists, Actors, and Other Creative Folks Find Love

I’d recommended some romance novels about artists and other creatives back in July, but you know what? I found a bunch more of them lurking in some old posts that weren’t very well organized (bad Virgo, Skye!). So I did a little shuffling, added a couple new titles, and here we are with a second roundup of love stories featuring… Read more »

15+ Contemporary Romance Novels and Novellas I Adore

— This January 2018 post is being republished with many new picks, while I re-organize my romance recs. Please forgive any construction dust! — I never expected to become a romance reader, but I should have! After all, I have a passionate love for the X-Men, which is basically a soap opera. (With people shooting lasers out of their eyes.)… Read more »

Graphic Novels for Older Kids and Young Adults: 20 More of Our Favorites

Want to know a secret? The vast majority of the graphic novels I recommend for older kids and young adults here on the blog… yep, I bought them or checked them out from the library for myself. They’re that good. So here’s a third roundup of young adult and other older kiddo comics. (Missed the second one? No problem.) A… Read more »

4+ Graphic Novels That Remind Me of Indie Film

— More graphic novels were added to this post in March 2019. Happy reading! — When I think of my favorite indie films, I think of intensely personal stories with small casts. Not to stereotype, because independent filmmakers can and do make all kinds of movies, including epics and spectacles. But these three graphic novels remind me of the smaller… Read more »

10 Romance Novels Where A Dude in Pain Falls for Another Dude And Things Get Better

First, I apologize for the long post title. It’s ridiculous. Please let me know if you have a shorter alternative that preserves the specificity! I don’t normally post romance roundups that are all one gender pairing/combination. But apparently I’ve read and liked a LOT of romance novels where two queer dudes fall in love, and the dude who is in… Read more »